Our Work

Shaping the Learner has done some impressive work in a wide range of contexts, We aspire to be cutting edge in our approach to development. Some describe us as "social entrepreneurs" - we simply believe that we "bring about change - while we make a profit at it". This we believe is a non-exploitive win-win formula for all our clients.

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The Profiler

Web - Based Assessments:  Screen for Disability, Course Placement, Hidden Learning Challenges, Collect Social Context Factors and more...

The Profiler System is the closest assessment tool and system that one can get to the word "amazing". The Profiler is referred to as a "School Learner Profiler" (for public and private schools) and a "Student Profiler" for Higher Education Institutions (Technical Vocational Colleges, Universities), whether private or public. We have a corporate version that we customise accordingly. It is a unique South African assessment system that covers a wide range of measurement areas.

Higher Education Version - click here

Basic Education Version - click here

For Basic Education - More Information - click here

We also customise our assessment system for NGO's,Prisons, Police and Security Services as well as Corporate entities, including call centres. - call us for a discussion on your needs

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Partner with STL

Shaping the Learner has an in-depth history of quality partnerships characterised by excelllent service delivery.

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Do You Want A Short Profiler Trial?

Why not contact us for a limited tryout of the Profiler? Contact us

Education edition

Corporate Profiler Edition

If you are a corporate and want to engage in screening employees, groups or track your CSI? Contact us. We can also partner to customise according to your needs. Lets arrange a meeting or email us? 

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